Our Timeline


Ikiru People launches Talentis – the next-generation executive search and sourcing software. Its proprietary Talentis TalentGraph takes advantage of AI and big data technology to allow executive recruiters to track and engage with potential candidates across the web.


Ikiru People is born… 


Major usability and UI enhancements for FileFinder. Increased temps’ functionality and UX enhancements for Infinity. Release of ISV’s HTML 5 player and ended life of ISV’s legacy platform, following client migration to ISV’s current skills testing and training platform, ISV.Online. Ended life of evolve FCP internet CRM, following client migration to the more technologically advanced Voyager Infinity CRM. Launched on Trustpilot to validate our belief that we offer the best service in the industry. Began joining the teams from across the group.  


GatedTalent launched member services. Voyager delivered a major upgrade to their CRM products allowing recruiters to reliably manage every aspect of their responsibilities under the GDPR. Whilst ISV increased their offering by releasing various new tests including, GDPR, cyber security and personality profiling. 


GatedTalent was established in 2017 to provide a network allowing executives to share information with selected executive recruiters in a GDPR compliant manner.


Voyager software division launched ISV Online and the first of a suite of mobile apps.


Voyager Software division – launch of cloud hosted version of Infinity;
launch of integration of ISV FastPath and Infinity; and launch of version 6 of Evolve.


In October 2014, the Group acquired ISV Software. 2014 saw the release of FileFinder Anywhere, a market leading product suited to mobile working.


In July 2013, the Group made its second acquisition: FCP Internet.


In September 2012, Voyager Infinity was launched after three years of development.


In March 2011, FileFinder 10 was released after over two years of development. In September 2011, the Group made its first acquisition: Voyager Software.


In 2008, a decision was taken to significantly increase R&D expenditure, and the development of the next generation of FileFinder began.


In 2006, the Group floated on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (DSG.L).


In 2003, some of the current management team took part in a management buyout of the business. The dawn of the internet meant that it became far easier to sell the FileFinder system internationally, and, as a result, Dillistone Systems grew rapidly.


By the late 1990s, David had retired and the business – now renamed as Dillistone Systems – was owned by Custom Business Systems (CBS). CBS invested heavily in the firm and, by the end of the decade, offices had been established on three continents.


The original FileFinder software was developed by David Dillistone, himself a retained search consultant. While it was initially created for inhouse use, David soon realised that there was a market for it beyond his own firm, and so he created David Dillistone Systems.