The rise in temp recruitment post-pandemicPaul Thompson, Ikiru People Sales and Marketing Director, announces that three significant upgrades have been fast-tracked for Voyager.

There’s not been much positivity in the world of recruitment news during the COVID-19 outbreak, but some of the disruptions are creating opportunities for those who know where to look.

With the ‘new normal’ starting to take shape for the months ahead, radically changed market conditions disguise chances for smart perm recruiters to ride a mounting surge in temporary staffing needs.

On first analysis, things look bleak for many permanent recruitment professionals at the moment.

With over 700,000 job losses so far due to COVID-19 (expected to top 1 million by the end of 2020), a larger number direct applicants than ever compete for a seriously reduced number of jobs – surely not the right time for employers to be paying a premium to talent-hunting partners?

Without a doubt, conditions are tough.

There are record numbers of candidates available, and still more set to join the market as government-backed furlough programs wind down in the next few months. Even the most kind-hearted employers are unlikely to be able to re-hire all team members if customer demand or social distancing restrictions continue to throttle their finances.

In a perm recruiter’s ideal market, conditions are reversed – employer growth is spiking, and a ‘war for talent’ breaks out where only well-connected recruiters can help ambitious companies fill their skills gaps.

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