Meet Jon Toney, a long-standing team member from our Texas, US caseThe origins: Jon Toney originally studied psychology, but pivoted to technical work after college. Before joining the FileFinder Team, he was dividing his time teaching a proprietary accounting software to gas station managers, and providing technical and usability assistance for an off the shelf accounting software provider. For his first day – 19 years ago, Jon flew to London from Texas and was picked up from the airport by our current Infrastructure Manager, Greg Wilmot. Greg immediately taught Jon that curbs are merely suggestions, roads are the path you take – not the lines on the street, and proper momentum can overcome any obstacle. Back then, the Internet was in its infancy, the most common version of FileFinder was FF2000MK3 and FF2000MK4 had just been released – those were the days!


Current responsibilities

Currently, Jon is the Senior Support and Implementation Engineer. His typical day varies from

  • helping clients with technical and training issues
  • troubleshooting
  • ensuring replication health
  • consulting clients and prospective clients on FileFinder’s technical requirements
  • collaborating with project managers on project flow/plans.

He also spends his time answering internal technical questions, completing FileFinder scripting and installations, performing software upgrades and server moves. Jon freely shares his knowledge and experience by providing ongoing training to other implementation and support team members.

Things you may not know about Jon

In his spare time, Jon produces ambient music and uses the proceeds to pay for his animal advocacy efforts: working to humanely control local feral and community cat populations through TNR (Trap Neuter Return) via direct action, providing materials, training and education on colony caretaking to friends and neighbors, and updating local laws to legitimize/decriminalize TNR. Last year Jon stepped in the political arena and ran for local office on his city council. While he didn’t win his election, he’s still involved with the local government – even teaming up with previous adversaries for the benefit of the community.

Jon’s favourite things

Some of Jon’s favorite things are spicy food, cool cloudy weather, dry humor and the oxford comma.


At Ikiru People, we are lucky enough to employ and work with some of the most passionate and enthusiastic people our markets have to offer. We are very fortunate to have such a devoted, conscientious and knowledgable guy as Jon in our Team. Our clients around the world can be confident that with a team like that we will continue to deliver the best customer service.

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